Making sure your store your assortment of fine wines correctly is essential for their longevity. The proper storage conditions can help preserve the wine’s flavour, value, and aroma. If you’re looking for a place to store your wine, you should consider Self Storage in Bunbury from Storage Barn.

Invest in quality wine racks

Having a high-quality wine rack is essential for keeping your wines in the best condition possible. Wine racks come in a lot of different styles, including wooden, plastic, and metal units. If your serious about your wine storage, make sure you invest in a wine rack made with good quality materials.

Prepare for safe transportation

When you’re transporting your wines into Self Storage in Bunbury, you need to make sure they’re protected on the journey. Glass bottles can easily shatter and spill if they collide, so make sure you pad the bottles and ensure they’re not in danger of falling off the seat or rolling around the boot.

Keep wine away from odours

Wine should be stored away from other strong odours, such as paint, certain foods, and cleaning supplies, as these smells can contaminate your wine. These odours can pass through the porous corks and even negatively affect the taste of your wine.

Place wine in storage correctly

You need to ensure you store all wine bottles sealed with real corks lying down, because storing these bottles vertically can decay the cork. This cork decay can potentially harm the flavour of the wine.


If you’re planning on storing your wine for a long time, it’s important you invest in a storage location with the proper conditions. Self Storage in Bunbury offers great storage conditions for your wine collections.

If you’re ready to learn more about your wine storage options, contact the team at Storage Barn today!