The South West region of Western Australia has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, with a lot of range when it comes to holiday experiences – from imposing forests to sunny beaches. If you decide to enjoy your holiday in a caravan, then there are plenty of towns that you can explore. Here are a few from South West Self Storage Donnybrook.

The South West region features well-maintained road that connects a large number of rural towns and ports, which means that all you have to do is to get the engine running and experience what every place has to offer. One ideal thing to do before you leave is to opt for the services of South West Self Storage Donnybrook in order to keep your valuables safe while you’re on vacation.


Bridgetown – If you decide to anchor in Bridgetown for a while, you could get a tour guide in order to show you all the secret places that the area has. Taking part in a tour could also be a good social activity, as you will get the chance to meet other travelers, and you will know all the ideal places you’d want to return to the next time you’re in Bridgetown. One popular spot that you can’t miss (since it’s located in the center of the town) is the Ooh La Lollipop. The attraction is an old fashioned lolly shop, which will not only delight your sweet tooth but it will also take you back in time for a second.








Nannup – A historic town surrounded by native forests, Nannup was the place where settlers and travelers alike would stop to eat and rest their horses. The historic vibe of the town is still present today, which makes it a great place to check out if you’re looking to experience a piece of the past. Whether you plan on driving your caravan there for a weekend or you plan on staying longer, the place is very inviting. One spot that travelers should check out is the Tiny Tea Shop, where they can get loose leaf tea and enjoy it in a relaxing atmosphere in a heritage cottage.








Gracetown – Switching gears to a town near the water, Gracetown is known for its surfing spots. After you left your delicate assets at South West Self Storage Donnybrook, you might want to get your surfboard with you before you leave in your caravan to Gracetown. Established in ’63 and with a population of over 300 people, the town was named after Grace Bussell, an important figure in Australian history. You can drive around and get a quick feeling of the town’s atmosphere, but you can also stop for a while in one of the many holiday homes that are available for rent if you decide to stay longer.








Walpole – This small town in West Australia is a favourite of South West Storage Donnybrook and is a whole package in terms of wilderness attractions. The area has a number of forest attractions, such as the Giant Tringle Tree or the Tree Top Walk, but also features coastal attractions – from the river to beaches. The amount of activities you can do in Walpole is virtually endless if you decide to drive over there for a quick holiday. You will be able to dip your toes into surfing one day, fish the next, and end your holiday catching a glimpse of the impressive Bibbulmun Track. Walpole has everything you want for a caravan trip.








Pemberton – Named after Pemberton Walcott, the original settler in 1913, Pemberton is a great tourist town to check out. This spot features everything from the regular karri trees in the Gloucester National Park located nearby, to the famous Gloucester Tree – the second highest fire lookout tree after the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. The town has everything from forest attraction to a sandy beach, as well as a sealed walk trail that surrounds the lake, which makes it a perfect place to take a walk after a long day. Pemberton is also the host of the Southern Forest Festival, which takes place every year in May and spans across three days. For ideas on things to do in the area, look at the South West Self Storage blog page.