Moving into a tiny house is a trend that has surged in recent years, with more and more millennial’s being priced out of the housing market and looking for a better solution to the massive debts involved in home ownership. Many people who live in tiny houses are able to cut down on most living costs and do something great for the environment, by reducing their carbon footprint, they may also find it’s a great way to enjoy a more simple way of living. In Australia, Tiny houses, renovated busses and vans are rising in popularity and many businesses specialising in these services are emerging all over Australia and there is even a website, similar to that is completely dedicated to listing tiny houses. Clearly the trend is here to stay…

Even if your tiny house is cute, neat and compact, you may need to make adjustments before feeling completely at home. Organisation is the main key to living in a tiny house. Keeping the house uncluttered automatically renders additional space. With only 100 to 300 square feet in a typical tiny house, you need to follow a few strategies to make your life easier. However, living in a tiny house does not mean giving up the things you love.

1. Utilise all available space and use Self Storage in Bunbury

Finding places for storing items is an easy task if you look for unusual ways to store the articles. For instance, find a bedroom dresser that fits inside of a cubbyhole. Use your imagination to design the perfect tiny house featuring ample room for your belongings. Of course, you can always opt to store valuable antiques, excess books and miscellaneous items in a Self Storage in Bunbury facility.

Here are some examples of using all available space:

There looks to be plenty of room inside, even with a queen bed in the loft and generously wide wooden countertops in the kitchen. #TinyHouseforUs

Source: Tiny House for Us


Source: Tiny House Swoon

A DIY tiny house its owners built themselves for approximately $15,000! Features exposed beams, laundry facilities, and a wood-burning oven!Source: Tiny House Town

The Royal Pioneer by Handcrafted Movement – Tiny House Design

Source: Tiny House Design

2. Get into the habit of throwing items away or keep them at Storage in Bunbury

Although it is difficult to eliminate items you have kept for a number of years, throwing things away provides additional space for storing new items. If you love shopping at garage sales, you will have more room in your tiny house by simply tossing unwanted items on a regular basis. If pitching your possessions bothers you, consider your option to donate the items to a favourite charitable organisation. Store your treasured, sentimental belongings in a convenient Self Storage in Bunbury facility featuring climate controls, cleanliness and immediate access whenever you need to retrieve any of your items.

3. Find furnishings that contain storage

Tiny house lovers have inspired imaginative furniture manufacturers to understand the need for creating furnishings that serve several purposes. Instead of buying an ordinary armchair, purchase a comfortable chair that has the ability to turn into a bed for guests. The same bed should feature storage space. Decorate your tiny house with built-in bookshelves that fit into walls and coffee tables with drawers for storing miscellaneous items. Buy a couch and bed featuring integral storage drawers. Living in a tiny house means thinking about life in a different way. Yet these new thoughts are welcome when you invent a plan that fits in with your tiny house agenda.

Here are some of our favourite pieces, which double as fantastic storage solutions:

The built-in benches have storage underneath, plus they fold out into a bed that sleeps two.Source: Tiny Living

Tiny home storage hacks Maximising storage by using beds. This is a great idea for storing things in your bedroom

Source: Decorating Your Small Space

Upholstered Storage Ottoman | west elmSource: West Elm

After they re-sheetrocked the walls, the couple installed inexpensive, faux shiplap on top and painted the entire room white. Rachel cleverly chose paint with a satin-finish so that light entering the bathroom would reflect from any angle, making the bathroom appear larger.

Source: Country Living

4. Hang miscellaneous items on hooks.

A hook is a practical and inexpensive object. Buy cookware with holes in the handles permitting you to hang them on hooks. Hang towels, coats, purses and hats on hooks. Instead of taking up floor space for a flower pot, hang it on a ceiling hook.

A Self Storage in Bunbury facility gives you an edge over your tiny house neighbours. Instead of fretting about where to store all your items, keep them secure in your own private storage space. If you are determined to live in a tiny house, you can keep most of your possessions by renting a Self Storage in Bunbury unit.