When it comes to moving items into your Self Storage in Bunbury from Storage Barn, it can be difficult to figure out which items to keep at home and which items to move. However, you don’t need to overthink it! You can move almost anything you own into your storage unit. To give you some ideas, here are a few of the more unique items other people have moved into their storage units in the past.

Famous wardrobe

Aretha Franklin once had a storage unit in Michigan, which she eventually abandoned. She left a part of her wardrobe in the unit, including some of her hats and clothes.

Defaced money in Bunbury

One abandoned storage unit was found to hold a trunk filled with a total cash value of $24,000! However, it wasn’t just ordinary money… The unit owner had cut out all the faces on the bills.

Financial storage

Some people are against storing their money and valuables inside a bank. One such person stored their money inside their storage unit. If that’s not secure enough, the hundreds of dollars was crammed inside of a saxophone!

Forgotten ashes in Bunbury

One funeral home in Georgia unfortunately went out of business, and they moved the businesses possessions into a storage unit. Inside the storage unit was 50 different containers of cremation ashes, some of which had remained unclaimed for more than 45 years.

Musical history in Busselton

In an abandoned storage unit in Florida, a variety of old documents belonging to the Beach Boys were found. Among these documents were handwritten song lyrics and various contracts, and these papers are worth millions of dollars in total.

Bizarre car

A storage unit in New York was discovered to contain a submersible car with fins rather than wheels that had appeared in a James Bond movie.

Unwanted reptiles

An Oklahoma storage unit was discovered to be housing 12 boa constrictors, pythons, and other exotic snakes. Veterinarians were able to ensure these reptiles recovered from their confinement. Don’t get any ideas – you can’t keep any live animals in your Bunbury Self Storage.

If you need a place to keep unique items of your own, be sure to consider renting storage in Bunbury from Storage Barn. Contact our team of storage professionals today to learn more about your options.