If you have any excess furniture, moving it into Self Storage in Donnybrook from Storage Barn is a great option. Self Storage in Donnybrook offers great protection against moisture, theft, mould, and mildew. To make sure your furniture is as protected as possible, there are certain things you should do to prepare it first.

Prepare your furniture for long-term storage

Before you move your furniture into Self Storage in Donnybrook, make sure you give it a good clean. Apply a coat of furniture polish or wax to any wood surfaces on your furniture, as this will help protect your furniture from mould, mildew, and water damage.

If you’re moving a couch into your Self Storage in Donnybrook, make sure you clean in between the cushions to eliminate any food scraps to prevent attracting any pests.

Before you move any of your appliances into your storage unit, such as refrigerators and washing machines, make sure you check for any leaks. You should also clean those appliances with vinegar and baking soda. Prop the doors open inside your storage unit to prevent odours.

Cover the floor of the storage unit

Before you move your furniture into Self Storage in Donnybrook, place a tarp on the floor of the unit. This will help protect your furniture from getting scratched as you move it around, and will also prevent your furniture from damaging the floor of your storage unit.

Disassemble any bulky items

If you have any bulky items of furniture, you should fully or partially disassemble it to make it easier to move and store. This will allow you to fit more furniture within your Self Storage unit. Make sure you place any screws, hinges, bolts, locks, and keys into a sealed bag or container to secure it with the furniture.

Label any boxes, and keep an inventory sheet

Make sure you create a master inventory sheet that details everything you’ve moved into your storage unit and keep it updated as you add new things and take old things out. If you’re moving any boxes or bags into your unit, make sure you label them.

Pack with care

If you’re packing any fragile items of furniture, such as mirrors of glass tables, make sure you protect them with protective materials and ‘fragile’ warning signs. Don’t play anything on top of your mirrors or glass objects.

Cover each item

Make sure you cover each item of furniture with a white cotton sheet. This provides an extra layer of protection, and the white sheets won’t transfer any colour to your furniture like dark-coloured sheets might if any moisture gets into your unit.

If you’re ready to move your furniture into Self Storage in Donnybrook from Storage Barn, make sure you follow these tips to keep it protected. Contact us today to find out more about your storage options.