If you’re an artist who works from home, you’re probably craving more space. From having more room to store your art supplies, to even being able to view your work from a distance, there are numerous benefits to having some extra room. With Self Storage in Bunbury from Storage Barn, you can have all the room your need to create a private art studio for an affordable price.

Converting your Self Storage in Bunbury into an art studio

When it comes to customising your Self Storage in Bunbury, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are some tips for creating the private art studio you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Make sure you bring some large plastic sheets to protect the floor and walls from your art supplies.
  • If you plan on drawing, make sure you bring an adjustable drawing table.
  • Bring some sort of lighting to create a healthy amount of working light.
  • To display your work on the walls, you’ll need some strong adhesive all-purpose hooks.
  • If you’d like, some floor lights could be used to illuminate any of your work on the walls.
  • Organise your art supplies by installing shelving units or cube storage containers.
  • Bring a power strip so you can charge your devices.
  • Bring anything else that will make the space more comfortable or inspirational for you, like a couch, a zen garden, or some posters.

Benefits of your own private art studio in Self Storage in Bunbury

The most obvious benefit of an art studio in Self Storage in Bunbury is the added privacy. Here are some of the other benefits.

  • If you wish to sell your work, having space to display it on the walls makes it easier to photograph.
  • You can invite interested customers to see your work without inviting them into your home.
  • If your artwork is a part of your small business, you can create a small office space inside your storage unit as well.
  • You don’t need to pay the expensive overhead costs you would if you were leasing a commercial space.
  • Your creativity is heightened when you’re able to work in a comfortable space.

Creating your own private art studio in Self Storage in Bunbury from Storage Barn could be the key to unlocking your artistic potential.