People adore travelling. Few things are more pleasing than taking some time to see an entirely new destination. If you are planning an international trip, it’s important to get all the little details right. For example, making use of Self Storage Donnybrook before you leave has many benefits. You can use Self Storage Donnybrook to keep items you’re not using in safe storage while you rent out the rest of your space for additional cash. Another way to use your budget effectively is to head to these fabulous, low cost international destinations.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a world of adventure. The region offers beautiful beaches and a culture that is endlessly open to visitors. Come here to celebrate one of the world’s most renowned cuisines in person. Not only is Thai food incredibly delicious. It’s also a boon to any budget. The city of Bangkok is the place to explore authentic Thai food in person. Dozens of places offer a quick bite to eat any time of the day. Hotels and other amenities are also inexpensive. When you’re done eating, walk around the city and admire the city’s well kept parks.

Bangkok at night

Jeju Island, South Korea

This is South Korea’s largest island. As such, it is a hugely popular regional destination. Cheap daily flights mean you can put your items in Self Storage Donnybrook and head off whenever it’s most convenient. Relax along the luscious shores of Hyeopjae Beach. When you’re out of the water, an extinct volcano called Seongsan Ilchulbong is a fun, easy and very cheap hike. At the northern end of the island is an ancient culture that’s still going strong. The Jeju Folk Village offers many delightful experiences including a recreated village and lots of opportunities to take a horseback ride and see the rest of the island.

Jeji Island aerial view

Roatan Island, Honduras

Located just offshore from Honduras, Roatan is where many cruise ships dock. You don’t need to book a cruise to have a great time. This is where you can be if you like to spend lots of time diving. The island’s lovely waters are home to schools of brightly colored fish and plenty of sea life. You can snorkel and watch them swim in front of you. Many places here also offer other sea related activities at low price. Lounge on the beach or head off for a chance to commune with dolphins.

Roatan beach from the air

Tbilisi, Georgia

This is where the mountains meet the Black Sea. It’s also where Europe and Asia meet and create a fascinating place you’ll remember forever. Georgia’s capital is a place to explore on foot and savor at every turn. This is one of the world’s oldest inhabited places and it shows in the buildings that make the capital such a beguiling place. When you’re done admiring the capital, inexpensive tours will bring you to the region’s winemaking area. For a small fee, you can sample many delicious vintages. Guests are welcomed by natives here with plenty of cheap accommodations in local homes.

City of Tbilisi at dusk

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