Moving out of your Upper Capel Storage and into your new home? Perhaps you’re wanting to revamp the look you’ve had for years and would like to switch over. Get your favorite pieces from your old look into an Upper Capel Storage Unit and try something new. Why not try out neutral colour pallets for this new season. While neutral colour pallets may not be the first thing on people’s minds because of their blandness, there are many ways to incorporate fun and exciting pieces that give it a pop.

When considering a neutral colour pallet, or any pallet for that matter, it is wise to start with a focus piece. The focus piece works as an inspiration for the colours that you would like in your space. This could be anything from a carpet with the neutral colours you are looking for to a beautiful vase you got as a gift. This allows you to have a foundation to build on.

Another great tip to keeping your neutral pallet fresh and not so boring it to build up your design in layers. The layering of different hues and undertones gives the space warmth and movement. Take for example the layering of colours in a living space with dark floors, deep browns in the curtains, light taupes in the furniture. The incorporation of these accents brings in a much-desired pop while maintaining neutrality.

Textured fabrics are also a great way to eliminate the boring in neutral. The mix of textures creates contrast, depth, and drama. Loose weave fabrics, linens, knit fabrics, and so on work well even when the fabrics are similar in colour. A great option would be linen sofas and couches overlaid with simple crocheted throws and perhaps a few decorative pillows with solids and mixed undertones of the chosen neutral pallet.


Other than the texture of the fabric, different tones in the colours give a more playful feel to the execution, taking it from drab to fab. Soft browns, such as taupe, with grey undertones, give a more earthy feel but can really play up the room. With this type of pallet, one can incorporate a few statements pieces in a more bold black or gold. On the more dramatic end, a neutral black theme brings in a more edgy and modern look. In this case, the idea would be to veer away from a true black and go for a black with softer white and grey undertones. The softness of the black neutralizes it while still acting as a backdrop for the more neutral pieces to stand out.


Drawing more inspiration from the idea of creating backdrop and coupling that with the layering effect, another great way to make neutral colour pallets interesting it to create levels. These can be achieved through framing and accessorizing different areas of the room with dark elements. Just like the soft black backdrop, the dark elements allow the more neutral pieces to stand out. Great accessories for neutral living spaces are paintings or hanging artwork, light fixtures, lamps, vases, even plants. Paintings and hanging artwork with muted tones work well for the desired neutral approach. The softness of these saturated colours brings in an added level of drama and movement without being overpowering. Accessories such as light fixtures, lamps, and vases can be used to highlight the depth in the backdrop elements. Gold, copper, and bronze pieces do a great job of complementing and enhancing the levels and layered effects.


Plants are another great option when looking to spice up the more neutral colour schemes. Because of the versatility they bring, plants give different elements to the design. When looking at the layering it works well to integrate plants of different heights all over the space. Larger standing plants have a more bold presence while smaller hanging plants give a more canopy-like adventurous feel. An added benefit of plants in the house is that they purify the air and in turn have awesome health benefits. As far as different textures and muted colours, plants have great variety and come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, scents and so much more. You cannot go wrong with bringing nature indoors. It is important to note the level of care the plants need in order to maintain them.


If you are considering a change over to a new colour palette but are not ready to fully commit, you could consider getting a storage unit with a company like Upper Capel Storage. Keep your favorite items stored safely while you explore the new look.